Medical Opinion

A few words about office chairs:

Medical experts maintain that mobile, dynamic sitting postures are more beneficial. An ergonomic office chair should be able to support the body in every conceivable attitude, whilst allowing a range of different sitting postures. It should simultaneously relax the muscular system and the spinal column, including the vertebral discs. Seating and backrest surfaces, including those supporting the lordotic curve, should be easily adjustable to suit the requirements of the user. These requirements are outstandingly fulfilled throughout the range of office chairs manufactured by Poppel and Storch – thanks to the seating mechanisms and flexible, adjustable backrests provided with separate variable lordotic angle and torsion adjustment.

Dr. (med.) Klaus Mueller

What customers have said about Popello

(a brief extract taken from letters received about the Morbus Bechterew Chair)

After some 6 months of intensive use (at least throughout the working day), I am totally delighted by the chair – but nevertheless I keep having to ask myself::

1.) How was I ever able to sit in the past without the help of this chair?

And, moreover:

2.) Why did the idea of purchasing a special office chair not come to me much earlier?

All in all, I can say nothing other than: this stool is worth every penny and anyone thinking of purchasing a special office chair with back-supporting or disc-manipulating properties should take the time to check out the range of products offered by Poppel and Storch.

Sindy Thomas (a Morbus Bechterew patient)


The chair does the job – pure and simple. It does not allow pressure to come to bear on any sensitive areas of the body and provides plenty of support and relaxation. In my opinion, the Poppel and Storch range of Morbus Bechterew chairs are totally recommendable.

Herr Ludwig Hammel (Managing Director, DVMB e.V.)

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