What does Popello offer?

Movement, support, relaxation and relief!


A backrest designed to move in all directions and able to adjust itself to the requirements of the user, which promotes, by virtue of its design, relaxation, movement and support.  The moveable components of the Popello system promote and support dynamic, mobile sitting. Dynamic posture means the continuous changing of sitting posture from a centrally-active to a forward-leaning or backward-reclining position. Swivel chairs represent an extremely sensitive new generation of seating mechanisms promoting and supporting dynamic posture.

The backrest is continuously flexible and works like a second spine. Foam upholstery allows our chairs to offer the ultimate sitting experience. And functionality is retained – even under extreme loading. Products fitted with the revolutionary
Ergomatik plus (with seating surfaces having freedom of movement in 3 dimensions).With convenient, easy-to-operate seating mechanisms – the chairs incline, according to the setting selected, both rearwards to allow relaxation and forwards to provide an ergonomic working posture. 

The multi-function armrests are height-adjustable. They are also length-adjustable and can be turned inwards or outwards by 15°. Castors are available for use on hard and soft floor surfaces; felt pads can be provided on request.

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...ergonomic chairs for all.