ergonomischer Sattelstuhl

Saddle stool Sandi

Poppel & Storch’s “Sandi” saddle stool is the perfect solution for an active environment – such as, for example, a workplace in which one is alternately sitting and standing, a medical practice, or for use as a barstool in a bustling bar environment. The stool is also the ideal sitting option to complement a height-adjustable table in the home. No other stool but the Sandi could possibly adapt so readily to such a range of sitting postures. And its natural design makes it just as effective in the office, practice and conference room as it is in the home. Its ergonomic characteristics and qualities make it a particularly attractive option for users who spend half their time in the standing position. The saddle-type seat promotes an upright posture and energises the body’s muscular system!

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