Popellini Children's Chairs

Once they’ve started going to school, children are forced to spend long hours sitting at a desk and are then asked to do the same thing at home in order to get their homework done. Even hobbies, nowadays, due to their increasing dependence on computers, demand more time spent sitting and this at arguably the most important period of growth and development their young bodies undertake. In order to prevent damage to the back and poor posture developing in their early years, we have transferred the know-how gained through development of the tried and tested “Popello” to our new children’s chair – in order to meet the demands of an ergonomic chair for children. That's the way to avoid a sitting posture that is too rigid! The proven, flexible backrest is able to follow every movement of the spine, continuously giving the necessary support to your child’s back.


The special saddle-type seat provides optimal freedom of movement in all directions, irrespective of the physical size of the user.  The chair is designed to make sitting and standing postures resemble one another ever more closely.
Children often fidget and need to burn-off energy. Our new 3D seating joint promotes such movement, whilst complying with all the relevant safety guidelines.
In much the same way as an exercise ball, the chair assists the gentle bouncing and rocking movements made by children and in this way helps strengthen the back muscles.  Any sudden and counter-balancing movements are similarly cushioned.  This helps correct poor positioning of the spine and its vertebrae.

The exercise ball principle has thus been successfully applied to a chair for children!

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