preiswerter ergonomischer Bürostuhl
preiswerter ergonomischer Bürostuhl
ergonomischer Bürostuhl
Popello C series

“first impressions are lasting impressions" was the slogan we used on launching our new-to-the-range Popello First Contact. This is a chair, which is already proving to be very popular. But what is it exactly, that makes the chair so special?
This is a chair which succeeds in combining all the important functions. It is reliable, comfortable and also attractively styled. Once you've sat in this chair, you’ll be more than happy to remain seated. Whether you’re male or female – this is a chair ergonomically designed to harmoniously support your individual sitting equipment!
The chair can be set in a wide range of positions and is suitable for use by absolutely everyone – no matter what your individual sitting requirements may be. This is a chair adored by everyone and is equally suitable for deployment in large firms with a high staff turnover as it is for use in home-based working environments or home-based hobby-type workshop facilities.

Give the chair a try - you’ll be impressed by the Popello First Contact. And first impressions are lasting impressions!
preiswerter ergonomischer Bürostuhl

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